New Savanna Developments Site & Future Plans

on 2 February 2021

Website Update

Hello everyone, We hope you all had a good first month of the new year. We want to start this new year fresh and have done a major update to the website. Everything has been cleaned up a bit and made more organized. We also added colorful images to the home page to give some more information about what we have been working on so far. We hope these changes will give a better representation of our company and ensure that our website is filled with a bit more content.

More to come

In addition to our updated website we are also focussing on our mobile development. We would like to give you a little update on what we’re working on with Jungle Play.

Short term plans

Right now we are hard at work analyzing user behavior and data from our first Jungle Play releases. We started these projects unprepared compared to the knowledge we possess right now. At the same time we are building out our framework and function portfolio targeted at improved user retention, understanding and a quicker workflow from idea to product.

These new functions will soon be presented in an upcoming release following a blogpost showcasing the functionality. For now, a little sneakpeak.

*All functions described above may change during development or may not be implemented at all.