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Astro Engineers

Astro Engineers is a up to four player coop game for both virtual reality and desktop where you have to puzzle and work together to complete different every changing missions. We make regular update videos and share progress over time so be sure to check it out!

VR applications

With our extensive development knowledge we are able to create the best Virtual Reality solutions for you to visualize upcoming projects, simulate a training situation and more!

Hyper casual games

Jungle Play focusses on creating fun and specialized mobile experiences used by consumers of all ages to kill time and have some fun. Focusing on keeping it hyper casual / idle arcade and easy to understand. We love working with other studios and clients so be sure to check it out!

“Our collaboration with Savanna Developments has been both reliable and productive. The team is very open to feedback and knows how to properly convert said feedback into a tangible product. Their efficient and crystal clear communication minimizes errors and makes for a smooth collaboration.”

Johan de Jager – Publishing manager

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