Savanna Developments Logo

Who are we?

Savanna Developments is a small development studio that focuses on growing within different markets and releasing applications for all sorts of purposes.

As a company, we are always focused on creating new and engaging experiences for every type of player. We achieve this through strong market research and tailoring our applications to the users satisfaction. Although our current focus is on the ever growing mobile market, we also work on more professional and custom projects.

Our Expertise

Our expertise can be traced back to 2016. The company was started to work on a multitude of projects as a group. Since then we have been creating projects, developing personal skills and growing the company itself. In 2019, we began to focus entirely on growing within the mobile market. By creating a revolutionary framework that all our apps are built on, we can easily and quickly create fun mobile experiences.

Meet the team

Jesse Stolk


Always looking for ways to make users happy and satisfied. Designing a good app flow that keeps users engaged and coming back is very important.

Bruce Kristelijn


Always being interested in technology creates the perfect personality to take on the more technical role, setting up infrastructure and creating the api’s we use to gain important data of our user base.

We are always looking for new opportunities, feel free to contact us!