New game out, what’s next?

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on 21 April 2021

With Snowboard released, we are happy to announce that we have finished 3 apps with Jungleplay! We are not stopping though and we already have our eyes set on our next goals; New hyper casual apps, improving our apps, more social media.

More social media

We would like to improve our social media presence to show more about our apps and keep you updated on the latest news. We are already present on a multitude of social media with either Savanna Developments or Jungleplay: Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin.

In the near future we want to improve our Instagram for Jungleplay and post more content to LinkedIn.

Improving our apps

We still see a immense amount of downloads coming from our first app, Skatepark. We do not want to disregard the clear interest people have for the app. We want to deliver a content update to improve user retention and attract more users to download and play the app. Our other apps will of course receive more updates where necessary.

New hyper casual apps

For the near future want to focus even more on the hyper casual market, as the iteration is faster and easier to manage. We are already seeing this payoff in a in-the-works app we have in production. More information will follow soon!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon. If you have any questions or want to work with us, please contact us.