Happy new year & 2020 Post mortem

on 15 December 2020

Savanna Developments would like to whish everyone a happy new year! To celebrate last years holidays Jungle Play released festive updates for both their apps.

A promotion video showcasing the latest update.

2020 Post mortem

In 2020 we enjoyed a significant growth in users. In our apps. By using ASO we gained a steady growth of users. We saw a rise of users especially in the application called Skatepark but noticed playtimes were generally low and not as high as we wanted them to be.

We noticed users started playing longer the faster rewards are given. So in 2021 we are going to work hard on improving user retention and more sense of accomplishment in the application.

All in all 2020 was a great head start which blew our expectations. In 2021 we will be ready to bring more apps than ever on a higher quality than ever!