Savanna Developments starts Jungle Play.

on 27 August 2020

Jungle Play is Savanna Developments first brand. This development department will focus on the design, development and polishing of apps ment to be played on your mobile phone by all ages!

The early focus

Jungle Play will start creating different applications for both iOS and Android. These applications are compact games consisting of a single gameplay loop supported by various unlockables.

The unlockables will be obtained via multiple ways. User’s can collect coins while playing. These coins can be used to unlock things like a new skatepark in the app: Skate park. These will give the user a sense of progression and the urge to continue with the game.

While we develop the first set of apps we will watch and support all our apps to improve user accusation and user retention. This way we can keep our applications relevant so as much people can enjoy the apps!

You can follow Jungle Play on social media:

We are excited for this new adventure and are ready to change the mobile landscape!

Jesse Stolk & Bruce Kristelijn | Owners Savanna Developments